MGT Resources Limited is committed to conducting its business to avoid unacceptable impacts associated with its operations.

Specifically, we will:

  • Consult employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers alike, in order to maintain high standards.
  • Strive to minimise waste and conserve resources
  • Endeavour to include environmental consideration in the design and refurbishment of plant and equipment as well as buildings and vehicles, applying and installing wherever practicable, current best practice technology.
  • Communicate the company‚Äôs environmental policy and procedures to all employees and contractors and ensure that they have the awareness, skills, knowledge and resources to carry out this policy
  • Establish and maintain an environmental management system and risk management systems appropriate to the nature of work undertaken and periodically review this to improve standards of performance
  • Consult with the local community on their concerns, aspirations and values regarding the project establishment, day-to-day aspects of the operations and ultimate closure, being mindful of the links between economic, social and cultural issues
  • Consult and work with the local indigenous people
  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as our own management standards

Our commitment includes continuous monitoring and feedback, in order to adopt a responsible and positive approach to environmental issues.

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